You’re invited to join a working group to address current challenges facing pharmacovigilance in Low and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs) during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The below working group themes were identified in Global Pharmacovigilance’s recent survey and virtual workshop ‘What are the Priorities for Pharmacovigilance in LMICs during the COVID-19 Pandemic?’

Both the survey and the workshop aimed to agree consensus on the highest priorities for pharmacovigilance at this point in the Pandemic where support, training and guidance are needed. A recording of the workshop presentations will be published on the Global Pharmacovigilance hub soon.

Join a Pharmacovigilance COVID-19 Working Group!

Global Pharmacovigilance now invites you to join a working group(s) to address the highest priorities identified following the survey and workshop. Following analysis of our results, we plan to create working groups to focus on the following areas:

  • The safety of COVID-19 vaccination in pregnancy
  • The safety of COVID-19 vaccination in children/adolescents
  • Analysis of COVID-19 vaccine safety data

Whether you are an experienced pharmacovigilance professional, or someone interested in improving the safety and efficacy of medical interventions, we invite you to take part in guiding the activities and outcomes of these groups.

Any number of approaches could be taken to address these challenges; this could include the development of training resources, the hosting of workshops/webinars, writing position papers, protocols or guidelines, but the exact outcomes will be determined by you as a group member.

In addition, if you have experience working in any of the areas listed above, you are encouraged to take on a co-ordinating role in that working group. Working group activities will be supported by The Global Health Network, and the Global Pharmacovigilance Hub will be used as a space for group activities and the dissemination of outputs.

These working groups will specifically look to address these challenges in low-resource settings.


Register your interest for a working group(s) here!

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We look forward to hearing from you and supporting the global pharmacovigilance response during this pandemic.

You can find ongoing examples of how The Global Health Network has supported working groups to allow research study implementation during this pandemic here.