The ability to analyse local safety data is a critical enabler of locally-led pharmacovigilance research and policy implementation. Nevertheless, pharmacovigilance stakeholders in Low and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs) face a multitude of barriers to real-time data analysis, often in stark contrast to those in High-Income Countries (HICs).

The ongoing efforts of this working group aim to generate discussion and address the challenges facing pharmacovigilance in low-resource settings, in particular relation to COVID-19 vaccine safety data analysis. Over 250 researchers, regulators, healthcare workers and industry professionals from across the globe have come together in this group to share ideas, form collaborations, and develop and disseminate materials and resources that others can use for free. 


Group Members

Learn more about the diverse range of pharmacovigilance stakeholders that make up this group, including researchers, regulators, healthcare workers and industry professionals 

Current Work

Find more information on the group's current efforts to support COVID-19 vaccine safety data analysis activities in LMICs

Resources: Coming Soon! 

Discover free and open-access research resources and learning materials focussing on COVID-19 vaccine safety data anlysis, and accessible sources of pharmacovigilance data


Following Global Pharmacovigilance's consensus-building research on the priorities for pharmacovigilance in LMICs during the COVID-19 pandemic, this working group formed to explore issues surrounding the analysis of COVID-19 vaccine pharmacovigilance data in low-resource settings. Virtual meetings of this group began in Apr 2022. 


Past Meetings

Meeting minutes are being compiled and uploaded, check back regularly for updates:

  • Apr 2022
  • May 2022 
  • Jun 2022 
  • Jul 2022