The following resources have been developed by the Malaria in Pregnancy Consortium. Read more about their development here.


All tools are free to use for your own purposes, but please review content and definitions for relevance to your own research area before use. Please credit the Malaria in Pregnancy Consortium and the document author (which can be found on the cover page) when using!


Neonatal examinations


Click on the links below to view videos showing how to conduct neonatal examinations:

How to measure head circumference of a neonate:

How to measure the length of a neonate:

How to conduct a neonatal exam:


Manuals and Guides

Newborn Exam Training Manual (includes Ballard Score training): English - French - Portuguese



Newborn exam powerpoint presentation


Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

The following documents are SOPs for collecting safety data from pregnant women and neonates in a research study. They provide guidance on what data could be collected, definitions that could be used and how to report the data collected.

Recording, Management and Reporting of Adverse Events

Guide to Safety Report Preparation & Submission

Guide to Pregnancy Outcome and Infant Assessment


Template forms

A variety of forms for capturing and reporting harms-related data.

Pregnancy Outcome Form

Adverse Pregnancy Outcome Report Cover Sheet

Infant Assessment Form (1 year)

Neonate/Infant Death Report Form