From within The Global Health Network:

Outside of the network:

The Cochrane Adverse Effects Methods Group hosted webinars discussing the challenges of reviewing and searching for adverse effects details

UMC Uppsala have launched a free online course on signal detection and causality assessment: details and has a lot of filmed lectures and presentations online details

Clinical Trials Network provide a free online Good Clinical Practice training course. The Good Clinical Practice (GCP) online training consists of 12 modules. Each module discusses a specific GCP standard, including a module on Participant Safety and Adverse Events:

Pharma Lessons offer several free online training courses in the form of short presentations, prepared for the pharmaceutical & biotech industry. Click on the link to go directly to their free pharmacovigilance training:

John Hopkins Bloomburg School of Public Health offers this free online course in Patient Safety and Medical Errors:

The World Health Organisation (WHO) website hosts a number of education and training resources relating to Patient safety: 

A WHO-ISoP pharmacovigilance curriculum databank is currently available openly on line in a pilot format:  "Have a try, test the tool and let us know your suggestions at"  

Eu2P host a number of different certified courses in pharmacovigilance, including short courses and both Masters and PhD courses:

The Institute for Global Health, University of Siena, organized and coordinated by the Faculty of Capacity Development, have run an online course for trial study coordinators which includes a module on pharmacovigilance. You can access the materials freely online by registering as a guest.

BetterCare Learning Programmes (South Africa) include pharmacovigilance topics in several of their free online training offerings