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Sten Olsson, ISoP President, and Professor Ambrose Isah, ASoP vice-president, have recently issued a call for candidate applications for the Executive Committee of ASoP, the African chapter of ISoP. This comes as a follow-up to deliberations held in conjunction with the ISoP symposium in Nairobi, Kenya, 6 - 8 May this year at which the desirability of re-establishing ASoP as an active chapter of ISoP was discussed. This proposition received very strong support from AUDA-NEPAD representatives Margareth Ndomondo-Sigonda and Paul Tanui, who had identified the need for an African professional speaking partner in pharmacovigilance, supporting the development of Pan-African regulations and best practices to be applied by the new African Medicines Agency (AMA). 

At the Nairobi meeting a call was made for volunteers who would want to be actively involved in the formation and management of the new ASoP. ISoP were pleased to record the names of 20 volunteers from the delegates of the symposium, and would now like to invite all those with a permanent African residence, who are fully paid-up members of ISoP and who were not present at the Nairobi symposium, to also come forward and register as candidates for the Executive Committee of the ASoP chapter. The positions to be filled at ASoP are: 

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary 
  • Treasurer

Once there is a full list of candidates, an election will be carried out amongst all ISoP members with African residency. The four persons receiving the highest number of votes will then be requested to form the new Executive Committee of ASoP and divide activity-based tasks between them. 

The ISoP secretariat, based in London, will organize the election but once the names of the ASoP Executive Committee members have been identified, ASoP will be run as a separate chapter guided by the current ISoP guidelines for chapters. Since general elections for the ISoP Advisory Board will be carried out 2 - 16 September this year, the ASoP elections will be organized only after the ISoP elections are completed, to avoid confusion. 

If you wish to stand as a candidate for the ASoP election later this year as explained above, and are not one of the already registered candidates, please submit an e-mail to with the title ‘ASoP candidate’ and include your full name, affiliation and contact details in the body of the message.  ISoP need your response as soon as possible and before 16th September 2019, which allows about 6 to 8 weeks for the election to be arranged so long as the ISoP Executive Committee agrees that we have received enough nomination of interest.