In 2012, the International Federation of Obstetrics and Gynecology (FIGO) produced a chart detailing recommended dosages of misoprostol when used alone, for a variety of obstetric and gynecologic indications. In light of new evidence and through expert deliberation, this chart has now been revised and expanded. The present commentary explain the changes and the decisions made. 

17th July 2017 • comment

Pharmacovigilance in pregnancy

by Global Pharmacovigilance
6th July 2017 • comment

Building Teratovigilance Capacity in Africa

by Global Pharmacovigilance
13th March 2017 • comment

Read the story of my pharmacovigilance PhD journey.

13th February 2017 • comment

Research in pregnant and breastfeeding women is a complex area, with both the wellbeing of the mother and child paramount. Careful monitoring of any intervention to treat, or prevent, illness is required to ensure the benefits outweigh any harms. Read this article to find out more and download some of the safety tools developed by experts from the Malaria in Pregnancy Consortium.

13th October 2016 • comment